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Self Defense and Security Products

Self Defense Products give you hard hitting leverage over an attacker. Crimes occur everyday. Now is the time to arm yourself with effective non lethal weapons and crime preventing home security items. These self defense weapons such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and TASER® guns help you defend and protect yourself when you need it most. Gain the Advantage against an assailant by arming yourself with non lethal self defense weapons.

HC-WALLC1-DVR Wall Clock Hidden Camera with DVR $345.00
VA-6000S Voice Alert With 1 Transmitter $135.00
HC-TEDBR-DVR Teddy Bear Hidden DVR Camera $445.00
DSAL-2 Super Door Stop Alarm $15.00
DS-SUGAR Sugar Shaker Diversion Safe $19.00
SM-100S Stun Gun for personal protection - Was $29 On Sale $14.95 $14.95
SM-MULTI Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun $39.95
SM-FLR Stun Master 3.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight $29.95
DVD-SAFE Street Safe DVD - Paul Vunak $39.00
DM-PROFlash Professional Dummy Camera with Flashing LED $29.00
POOLALARM Pool Protector $125.00
PS-6 Pepper Shot Tri Pack - Best Deal $14.95
PK-1 Pen Knife $10.00
HC-CLOCK-DVR Mini Desk Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR & Audio $79.00
80381 Mace Pepper Spray Leatherette Holster - Black $17.00
80196 Mace Home Model $21.00
PAL-130L Keychain Alarm with Light $13.00
HP-110RF Intruder Alarm with RF Remote Control $35.00
FK-05053BB Folding Knife plastic handle with textured rubber inlay - 3 blades $12.00
FK-39345DW Folding Knife closed linerlock - Red Handle $58.00
HP-388 Electronic Pocket Whistle $25.00
EWD-1 Electronic Barking Dog Alarm $89.00
HP-98DG Door Guard Alarm $22.00
DPR-864 Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder With MP3 Player Function $44.95
DC-1214WC-DN Day/Night Infrared Dome Camera $70.50
YS-088 Child Guard Panda $25.00
HC-ALARC-DVR Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR $345.00
PS-7F 4 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Fogger $9.95
PS-5 2 oz Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Stream $9.50

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