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Journey of Kandehar (DVD)

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Safar-e Ghandehar (Journey of Kandehar) 
Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

سفر قندهار

نويسنده  و كارگردان: محسن مخملباف

مدير فيلمبرداري: ابراهيم غفوري

تدوين: محسن مخملباف

موسيقي: محمدرضا درويشي

طراح صحنه: محمد مشكيني

چهره پرداز: كامران خلج

بازيگران: نيلوفر پذيرا، حسن طنطنايي، مگدالنا  اوزداوسكا، مونيكا هانيكيويت، صفدر شجاعي، ملازارع تيموري

تاريخ نمايش: 1380   


خلاصه داستان:

نفس، مهاجر افغاني مقيم كانادا براي ديدن خواهرش كه قصد دارد  در لحظه آخرين كسوف  قرن  بيستم به دليل شرايط حاكم  بر افغانستان خودكشي كند  رهسپار قندهار مي شود. او توسط ضبط صوتي  كه همراه  دارد براي خواهرش حرف  مي زند  تا شايد بتواند او  را از اين كار منصرف  كند...

In the year 2000, Nafas (Niloufar Pazira) a 29-year old Afghan-born Canadian journalist travels back to her homeland in search of her sister. The sister was maimed by the long war, and her life under oppressive Taliban rule is no longer worth living; she has resolved to commit suicide on the last solar eclipse of the century.

Dependent for her travels on the uncertain help of men, Nafas encounters many other charismatic women hiding under the seclusion of the burqas. The inquiries she makes to find her sister raise the veil just enough to reveal the torment of Afghan women, deprived of rights, education, and basic health care. A doctor must question his women patients, who are hidden from him by a canvas wall, through a child intermediary; he does not touch them. The ending is inconclusive.

Runtime: 95 minutes
Type:  Drama, Family
Language: Farsi with English subtitles
Picture quality:
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