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Dayereh Zangi (DVD ) دایره زنگی

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Dayereh Zangi (DVD ) دایره زنگی Quantity in Basket: none
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Dayereh Zangi by Asghar Farhadi دایره زنگی
Dayereh Zangi  (DVD)
Tambourine (in Farsi with English subtitles)
Director: Parisa Bakhtavar
Actors: Amin Hayaee, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Mehran Modiri, Baran Kosari, Gohar Kheirandish
دایره زنگی
یک فیلم بسیار شاد و کمدی با هنرنمایی امین حیاحی - محمدرضا شریفی نیا - گوهر خیراندیش
ساکنین یک آپارتمان در شمال تهران سعی دارند دیش های ماهواره ای بر روی
پشت بام آپارتمان نصب کنند ولی با اشکالات و موانعی جالب روبرو می شوند .
دیدن این فیلم سراسر خنده را به شما پسشنهاد میکنیم
Southside Tehran meets northside Tehran in TV director Parisa Bakhtavar's comedy debut, "Tambourine". Based on a screenplay by Bakhtavar's husband acclaimed Filmmmaker Asghar Farhadi (Fireworks Wednesday) Tambourine depicts social issues through different levels of life in today's Tehran. Robert Koehler of Variety writes:"Though not as charged and raw in its observations of marital conflict as "Fireworks Wednesday," "Tambourine" can be viewed as a gentler companion to Farhadi's drama, taking in a larger community of rich and poor characters. Casting is solid all around, as Kosari's poker-faced approach serves as a good contrast to her more broadly playing co-thesps, with actors like Abbar and Shahrokshahi in the emotional middle range."
Format: DVD
Time: 111 minutes
Type:  Comedy
Language: In Farsi with English subtitles
Picture quality: Brand New DVD
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