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Persepolis, lost capital of the Persian Empire (DVD)

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Persepolis, lost capital of the Persian Empire (DVD) Quantity in Basket: none
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Persepolis the Persian Empire
Rediscovering the lost capital of the Persian empire (DVD)
تخت جمجیشد: کشف دوباره پایتخت امپراطوری ایران قدیم
All region DVD. 60 minutes, released on: March 2009
In English language
It was probably the greatest construction project of antiquity: in 520 B.C. King Darius I of the Achaemenids had a forty-acre terrace piled up at the foot of the Kuh-e-Rahmat the Mount of Mercy in the central Persian plateau. Here the new capital of the Persian Empire was to arise: Parsa, or Persepolis. Architects, craftsmen and artists from all the corners of a world empire that extended over three continents, from Indus to the Black Sea, from the Caspian Sea to Ethiopia, were mobilized to construct a magnificent city.

This program reconstructs the imposing site. The architects Wolfgang Gambke and Kourosh Afhami rebuilt Persepolis virtually with an animation program also used by architects and urban planners. Working on this project for several years, they produced several thousand outlines, details, structures. Not only does the documentary breathe life into the splendor of Persepolis, it also recreates a picture of a world empire which was exemplary in its organization and administration. And what was perhaps its most important feature: a realm whose inhabitants, even in the conquered regions, could rely on tolerance in questions of faith and, to a certain extent, on the rule of law. After his soldiers had pillaged the terraces of Persepolis and burnt it to the ground, Alexander visited the ruins and is said to have repented the destruction.

Topics covered in this DVD:

- Sizdeh Bedar Festival
- Gate of All Nations
- Architectural Reconstructions
- Building Materials and Tools
- The Palace of Darius
- The Bisitun Relief
- The Apadana
- Social Structure
- The Persian Empire
- Obligations and Daily Life
- The Hundred Pillars Hall
- Excavations and Restorations
- The Treasury
- Administration and Culture
Suggested retail price: $19.95  , on sale for $14.95
Format: DVD
Runtime: 60 minutes
Type:  Documentary
Language: In English language only
Picture Quality: Original DVD- Great.

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