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Iran and the West (a 3 DVD documentary)

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Iran and the West (a 3 DVD documentary) Quantity in Basket: none
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Iran and the west documentary
Iran and the West (3 DVDs)
A documentary about Iran and the West in the last 30 years
مروری بر تحولات سیاسی داخل ایران و رابطه پرتلاطم ایران و کشورهای غربی
برای اولین بار تماسهای پنهانی ایران و آمریکا در سی سال گذشته توسط شخصیتهای
درجه اول ایران و آمریکا  مورد بحث و نقد قرار میگیرد.  این فیلم مستند را حتما ببینید   
Iran and the West is the name of a three part British documentary series shown in February 2009 on BBC Two to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

The documentary looks at the relationship between Iran and the countries of the west and features interviews with politicians who have played significant roles in events involving Iran, Europe and the United States since 1979.

Militant Islam enjoyed its first modern triumph with the arrival in power of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in 1979. In this series of three programs, key figures tell the inside story. Inside stories are told by two ex-presidents of Iran and leading westerners. Subjects covered in this edition include the Lebanon hostage crisis, the Iran-Iraq War, the death of Ayatollah Khomeini and the changing political climate of the Middle East following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the 1991 Gulf War.

The inside story of the West’s continuing nuclear confrontation with Iran. Subjects covered in this episode include the rise of the Taliban in Iran’s neighbor Afghanistan, the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Iraq War and Iran’s emerging nuclear program. Playlist contains all three episodes each one hour long: The Man Who Changed the World, The Pariah State and Nuclear Confrontation.

This three-hour special includes fascinating historical footage and more than 40 rare, thought-provoking interviews. History buffs and those alive during the Jimmy Carter years who witnessed the Iranian hostage crisis first-hand will appreciate the careful research and interviews prepared that show all the political maneuverings and never before told tales of behind-the-scenes negotiations during those terrible times. You will also see a young Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, then a college student in the throngs of Iranian protesters who took part in taking the Americans hostage

Format: DVD-R 
Runtime: 3 Hours on 3 DVDs
Type:  Political documentary
Language: In English & Farsi with English subtitles
Picture quality:
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