Iran: The Broken Soul (in English)

55 minutes documentary film
Author Director: Jamshid Golmakani
(in English Language)

What does the general public know about the Islamic Republic of Iran?  About how the leaders of this country have imposed  their political-islamic rule on the population since the fall of the Shah in 1979?

Our research clearly shows the Islamic thinking of the regime, and their practices to dominate the political and economic power of the country.  We understand that the power of the Ayatollahs, basing itself on a certain reading of  Islam, eliminates all those who do not declare their alliance to the regime.

This investigative inquiry looks into a series of assassination of intellectuals which took place in  Autumn 1998 in Tehran.  The population was fuorous and wanted the responsible individuals or entities invloved in this hanus crime brought to justice.  One month late, for the 1st time, the Iranian Minster of information and Security admitted their involvement in these assassinations.

This film shows that this Ministry is at the heart of terror and the repression which the Iraian people suffer, under the direct control of the Supreme Spritual leader (first Khomeini and now Khamenei).  It also shows, the tactics used by the Iranian authorities to make sure that those who give the orders are never named.  The Ayatollahs in power wrote Fatwas condemning a certain number of intellectual opposition members to death.  

The film follows closely the difficult struggle by the victims' families to have those who executed and ordered these assassinations denounced.

In January 2001, two years after the series of political assassinations of Automn 1998, the Military Tribunal of Tehran, tried and convicted behind closed doors a few agents of the Ministry of Infromation and Security. The victims' families boycotted the trial.

Today they continue their struggle to have those who are "truly responsible" charged and tried before an independent and competent tribunal of justice.

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