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Mourning - Soog -  A film by Morteza Farshbaf

فیلم سوگ ساخته مرتضی فرشباف

From a black screen, a man and a woman are heard arguing and hurrying away from a house.
Afterward, the screen radiates brilliant green countryside, traversed by a small black car.
Subtitles relay a conversation by another man and woman, but now we hear no voices.
Kamran and Sharareh, a deaf couple, are driving Sharareh’s young nephew, Arshia, back
home to Tehran. Something terrible has happened. But the couple keep the news from Arshia,
debating his future in a language not as private as they believe, and turning a car trip into a
subtly humorous and deeply compassionate meditation on communication and emotional disability.

Majid Majidi's Epic Movie about the birth and childhood of Muslim Prophet, Mohammad

Majid Majidi muhammad movie on DVD

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