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     Jafar Panahi

نام: جعفر پناهی

تاریخ تولد: 1339


فارغ التحصیل دانشکده صدا و سیما در سال ١٣٦٧.

شروع فعالیت با ساخت فیلم های کوتاه در سال ١٣٦٥.

شروع فعالیت سینمایی با فیلم "ماهی" (کامبوزیا پرتوی) به عنوان دستیار کارگردان در سال ١٣٦٧.

برنده جایزه بهترین کارگردانی از جشنواره فیلم سنگاپور برای فیلم "آینه" در سال ١٣٧٧.

برنده تندیس زرین بهترین فیلم از پنجمین جشن خانه سینما برای فیلم "دایره" در سال ١٣٨٠.

برنده تندیس زرین بهترین فیلم به انتخاب انجمن نویسندگان و منتقدان در پنجمین جشن خانه سینما برای فیلم "دایره" در سال ١٣٨٠.

بادکنک سفید (1373)
آینه (1375)
دایره (1378)
طلای سرخ (1381)
آفساید (1384)

Jafar Panahi (Persian: جعفر پناهی , born July 11, 1960 in Mianeh, Iran) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and is one of the most influential filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave movement. He has gained recognition from film theorists and critics worldwide and received numerous awards including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival

Jafar Panahi was ten years old when he wrote his first book, which subsequently won the first prize in a literary competition. At the same age, he became familiar with film making. He shot films on 8mm film, acting in one and assisting in the making of another. Later, he took up photography. During his military service, Panahi served in the Iran–Iraq War (1980-90) and made a documentary about the war during this period.

After studying film directing at the College of Cinema and Television in Tehran,[2] Panahi made several films for Iranian television and was the assistant director of Abbas Kiarostami's film Through the Olive Trees (1994). Since that time, he has directed several films and won numerous awards in international film festivals.

Panahi's first feature film came in 1995, entitled White Balloon. This film won a Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. His second feature film, The Mirror, received the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno Film Festival.

His most notable offering to date has been The Circle (2000), which criticized the treatment of women under Iran's Islamist regime. Jafar Panahi won the Golden Lion, the top prize at the Venice Film Festival for The Circle, which was named FIPRESCI’s Film of the Year, and appeared on Top 10 lists of critics worldwide.[3]. Panahi also directed Crimson Gold in 2003, which brought him the Un Certain Regard Jury Award at the Cannes Film Festival. It went on to win a number of best film awards and received excellent critical acclaims

Panahi's Offside (the story of girls who disguise themselves as boys to be able to watch a football match) was nominated for competition in the 2006 Berlin Film Festival, where he was awarded with the prestigious Silver Bear and the Jury Grand Prix, 2006

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