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     Pooran Derakhshandeh

نام: پوران درخشنده

تاریخ تولد: 1330


متولد 1330 در کرمانشاه.

فارغ التحصیل رشته کارگردانی از مدرسه عالی تلویزیون و سینما

رابطه (1359)
پرنده کوچک خوشبختی (1366)
عبور از غبار (1368)
زمان از دست رفته (1368)
عشق بدون مرز (1377)
شمعی در باد (1382)
رویای خیس (1384)
بچه های ابدی (1385)


Pourān Derakh'shandeh (Persian: پوران درخشنده) (born 1951, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian film director, producer, screen writer, and researcher.

Pourān Derakh'shandeh graduated in film directing in 1975 from Advanced School of Television and Cinema (مدرسه عالی تلویزیون و سینما) in Tehran. She started her professional career by making documentary films for the Kermanshah Television and subsequently for the Tehran Television. Her motion pictures include Relationship (1986), A Little Bit Happiness (1987), Passing Through the Dust (1988), Lost Time (1989), A Love Without Frontier (1998), Candle in the Wind (2003), Wet Dream (2005) and Eternal Children (2006)
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