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In Farsi with English subtitles

Journey to Kandehar

On Sale: $12.95 (DVD)

An award winning film by: 
Mohsen Makhmalbaf. In Farsi with subtitles.

The Budhha was not demolished in Afghanistan, it collapsed out of shame !

Nafas is a young Afghan journalist who has taken refuge in Canada. She receives a desperate letter from her little sister, who has stayed behind in Afghanistan and has decided to end her life before the imminently approaching eclipse of the sun. Nafas fled her country during the Taliban civil war. She decides to go and help her sister in Kandahar and attempts to cross the Iran Afghanistan border
80 min/Farsi with no subtitles

  $12.95 DVD 

Mohsen Makhmalbaf's latest film marks another shift in the director's dynamic career. Having experimented, early on, with agitprop, Makhmalbaf's camera then found poetry in motion with such works as Gabbeh. With Kandhar, he has once more oriented his camera politically.

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