Zoya Sabet Performing the Best of Traditional Iranian Music
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Iranian Traditional Music in Four Continents
Video tape 1of 3 by Zoya Sabet.
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On December 17, 1995 music lovers in Los Angeles witnessed a concert of classical Persian music that has toured throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and Morocco.   Quite simply, it was one of the most satisfying cultural events I have attended in many years. 

Aside from the technical excellence, it was ultimately the artistry displayed by vocalist, Zoya Sabet, and the master musicians that was the main focus. The compositions and orchestral arrangements by Mr. Mohammad Kiani-Nejad, who also masterfully play the ney, the Persian end blown flute, were unique, arresting, and well within the Persian classical music tradition. Mr. Kiani-Nejad's arrangements and compositions made clear the depth and richness of Iranian classical music in his ability to create an evening of great interest, uniqueness and beauty. (Anthony Shay)

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