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Where is the main office of IranianMovies.com?
Iranianmovies.com was founded in 1998 by a group of Iranian software engineers in Southern California. The current owners have kept the main office in City of San Clemente in Orange County California. Our location is near Los Angeles California so we have close access to Iranian entertainment industry to provide our customers the latest DVDs and CDs from  the Iranian directors and music artists.
What do you sell on IranianMovies.com?
We have over 5,000 items on IranianMovies.com. This website was created to mainly promote  old and new Persian movies and Persian music CDs. Currently we have over 3000 Iranian DVDs and CDs. DVDs cover a wide range of categories such as:  Old and New Persian movies, Shows and concerts, children animations, historical and documentary DVDs, religious DVDs, Dance DVDs and much more. We also have a large number of music CDs from Iranian artists inside Iran as well as those living outside of Iran.
In addition to movies and CDs, we carry a wide range of products such as Persian memorabilia coins, home decor products and many other categories.
Are DVDs sold on this site compatible with DVD players in USA?
All of our DVDs will play on all DVD players worldwide including USA of course.
Which counties do you ship to?
We ship to most countries that accept major credit cards. Currently we don't ship to Iran and other countries that do not accept Paypal and Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
How fast do you ship and which carriers do you use?
All orders are processed the same day and we ship them fast to your destination using US postal services. During the checkout process you have 2 options for shipping. One method is first class inside USA which usually takes anywhere from 5-7 days and 2nd option is US postal priority which only take 2-5 days to get your order delivered to your address.  All international orders will be shipped by US air mail and depending on your country might take up to 10 days to be delivered.
What method of payment do you accept?
We accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card and American Express.
Is IranianMovies.com website safe to give my credit card information?
Our site is 100% safe and secure. All transactions will go through Authorize.net for processing  and we don't even see or store your credit card information. Authorize.net is the safest and largest credit card processing company in USA.
How do I place my order?
You can either use the Search option at the top menu to search for your product by name of the movie or CD or name of the director or name of the singer. Using search might be the easiest and fastest method. However if you don't know the name, you can use the category tree on the left side to browse through the site. 
Do you accept returns?
Yes. If a DVD or a CD (or anything else) that you order from IranianMovies.com turns out to be defective, you need to contact us and let us know. We will either send you a replacement free of charge or we may ask you to return the defective item to be replaced.  If you order something and when it arrived, you change your mind and want to return it, we accept your returns as long as the CD or DVD has not been opened. In cases like this, you will contact us to get authorization to return the item, and once we received it and it was in the original condition we will give you a full refund minus the original shipping cost and in some cases we have the option to deduct 20% for restocking fee.
Do all your DVDs have English subtitles?
No. Only the movies that are under the "Iranian movies with subtitles" categories have English subtitles. We also carry a large selection of documentaries that have English subtitles. Usually when you visit a product's description page it will tell you if it comes with subtitles or not.
What is the institutional prices on your site?
Our prices are for home viewing only. If you are ordering for a library, University or anything that allows the movie to be watched outside the home setting, it needs to be ordered under the Institutional Pricing. The institutional price usually is about 50% more expensive but they are of higher quality packaging and it can be shown to group of people at the same time in a classroom setting or be checked out by library members.
Do you offer volume discounts or wholesaler discounts?
Yes. We offer huge discounts to those who order large number of CDs and DVDs (usually over 30) at the same time or are repeated purchases. Contact us for more information.
Can we stop by your location to buy movies and CDs?
Our warehouse is not setup to accept money from walk in customers. All orders MUST be placed online or by phone, or Fax or email.
What is the weekly Free DVD? How Do I signup for it?
We give a Free DVD each week to those who are on our email list and receive our Newsletters. All you have to do is to subscribe to our newsletter and we will email you the name of the FREE DVD so you can order it immediately. Click Here to subscribe right now.
Why should I buy from IranianMovies.com?
IranianMovies.com is the 1st online store and is the largest Persian CD/DVD store online. Not only we are the oldest site dedicated to Iranian movies and Music CDs, we have the lowest prices you can find anywhere online. Furthermore, most of our products like documentaries and children DVDs are exclusively sold on our site only.
Thank you and happy shopping.